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5 Quick Tips for Choosing Party Buses in Boston

July 11, 2020

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Party buses in Boston are an excellent choice for ensuring everyone in your group arrives safely at a venue, and for ensuring you get home safe as well! A Boston party bus also allows you to get that party started once you step onto the bus and keep it going even after you leave your venue.

If there is one challenge to scheduling a bus rental in Boston, however, it’s that there are so many buses from which to choose! As with rental cars, a party bus might be small and better fit for professionals or those not looking for a party atmosphere, or they can be large enough to accommodate an entire travel group, with a range of option in between. To help you narrow down your choice, consider a few quick tips on choosing between party buses in Boston.

1. Which Bus Rental in Boston Will Accommodate Your Group?

The first consideration when planning a bus rental in Boston is your group’s size. It’s always recommended that you choose a bus, limousine, or other rental that offers more space than you think you’ll need, as you want everyone in the group to travel in comfort. This is especially important if people are dressed up such as for a prom or wedding, as you don’t want guests crowding each other and wrinkling those nice suits or literally sitting on someone’s full skirt!

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It’s also important to choose a bus rental in Boston that offers room for anything you might carry with you, such as laptops. If you’re choosing a Boston bus rental to bring coworkers to a trade show or conference, you want everyone to have extra room for setting down their briefcases, tablets, and other equipment, without having to carry those on their lap to the venue and back!

2. Do You Want a Boston Party Bus or Something Professional?

Some party buses in Boston are outfitted specifically for getting the party started and keeping it going all night long; these buses might have disco lights, a large stereo system, and a fun interior color scheme. While these party buses in Boston are excellent for proms, club hopping, or bachelor and bachelorette parties, they might not be the best choice for a formal wedding, business trips, and other such occasions.

Before you choose your Boston bus rental, be sure you look at pictures of its interior and not just the outside. Ask if the party lights are optional or can be switched off if needed, or if your Boston bus rental company has something a bit more subdued and upscale rather than something meant specifically for parties.

Smaller buses and those meant for business and other such trips specifically might also offer a table inside as well as a means to connect your laptop to a TV screen. These setups allow you to show instructional videos or other such information on the way to and from your venue. A table might also be an excellent choice when traveling with children, so they can play a game, color, or otherwise stay entertained while on the bus.

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3. Consider the Venue or Event for Your Boston Bus Rental

Consider the venue or event to which you’re headed when choosing a Boston bus rental. Will the bus you want be too big to fit in a small parking lot, such as you might find at a historic church or other wedding venue? Will a larger bus have a difficult time winding up and down the roads you’ll need to use to get there? You might also check with the venue location itself before making a choice, to ensure their parking lot can accommodate a larger bus and there are no overhead obstructions, tight turns, and the like.

If you’re choosing a Boston bus rental for heading off to a local stadium or sports club, ask about a bus with at least one television inside. Having a TV in the bus allows you to watch all the pregame and postgame action and not miss a thing long after the game is over!

4. Remember Your Guests When Choosing a Boston Bus Rental

When choosing between party buses in Boston, always remember to consider your guests and what they might like when on a bus! If you’re entertaining family, will the older crowd appreciate a party atmosphere, or find neon lights, a spinning disco ball, and loud music overwhelming? Will they be a bit uncomfortable with a dance pole in the middle of the bus?

While some Boston party buses might be a bit too colorful for some crowds, you also want to ensure you choose something with a fun interior for other groups! For instance, you might opt for a Boston bus rental for your child’s prom or as a gift to a bride or groom traveling to their bachelor or bachelorette party. No doubt the guest of honor, as well as his or her friends, will appreciate the most festive interior you can find in a Boston party bus for such events.

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5. Don’t Overlook Comfort in Party Buses in Boston

No matter the event or venue and no matter the group you’re traveling with, you don’t want to overlook comfort when choosing between party buses in Boston. Ensure you opt for a party bus rental in Boston with a roomy interior and plush seating. For longer trips such as when heading off to a stadium downtown, choose a bus with room for beverages and snacks so you don’t get hungry or thirsty on the way there or back.

It’s also good to splurge a little when renting party buses in Boston. Choose a bus a bit larger than you think you’ll need, so you can really stretch out or even get up and dance while on the road! Ask about special packages such as a champagne toast for the guest of honor, and choose a long, scenic route to your destination rather than opting for the quickest trip. You’ll then make the most of your Boston party bus rental and ensure you create an event you’ll remember for years to come.

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