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How Does a Limousine Rental Work, and Is It Worth the Cost?

July 11, 2020

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If you’ve never arranged a limousine rental, you might not know all the various steps involved and if the rental is worth the cost. A limo rental is an excellent choice for when you want a group to travel together, for arriving at a special event in style, or for when you might be enjoying a few cocktails and don’t want to then get behind the wheel.

To rent a limousine, a limo company will usually offer a minimum block of time, typically 3 to 5 hours, after which they allow rental by the hour. The rental time typically runs from when they pick up their first passenger and then drop off the last occupant. Features such as a fully stocked bar might incur additional charges.

A limousine rental should be a relatively simply process even for someone who has never hired a car or party bus before. However, to ensure you know everything involved with a limo rental and can choose the best vehicle for your needs, note a few tips to consider before you start shopping around limo companies near you.

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Remember, too, that many limo companies are accustomed to dealing with customers who have never rented a limousine before and who might have a myriad of questions! Never hesitate to ask about anything related to your limo rental and never assume something is included, as you want to ensure you enjoy yourself the minute your beautiful limousine arrives at your doorstep.

How Does a Limousine Rental Work?

First note some added details about a limousine rental so you know where to start and what questions you might ask a limo company near you. It’s also helpful to consider the differences between a limousine, SUV, and town car.

  • A standard limousine might have two back bench seats that face each other and which accommodates a maximum of four to six people. A stretch limousine might have one or two long seats up the sides of the vehicle and accommodates a larger group, often 12 to 16 or more people.
  • An SUV or sport utility vehicle offered by a limousine company is typically identical to the SUVs you see on the road. These vehicles offer room for up to three people in the back and most will also allow some to sit in the passenger seat in the front.
  • A town car is a large sedan, also offering room for up to three people in the back and another in the front passenger seat.
  • A limousine is an excellent choice for riding in style and for groups that don’t have luggage or other bulky items to bring with them. A limousine interior is built for maximum comfort while also offering a party atmosphere, often equipped with a full bar, party lights, and a stereo system.
  • The added cargo space of an SUV makes them an excellent choice for individuals or groups who aren’t looking to party but who need to bring lots of luggage or items with them on the ride! For instance, if you’re traveling to a trade fair and have lots of samples and marketing materials with you, or are a musician and need space for your instruments, an SUV is an excellent option.
  • A town car is a good choice for business meetings, airport runs, and other situations when you don’t necessarily need the party atmosphere of a limousine or the storage space of an SUV, but still want to ride and arrive in comfort and style. A town car’s trunk offers space for standard luggage while the roomy interior allows you to relax after a long flight or check emails while on the way to a business meeting.
  • To rent a limousine, first decide the right vehicle for your needs. A limousine company will then usually offer an initial minimum block of rental time, often 3 to 5 hours. They will also note the number of passengers expected and their ages, as well as your destination and any stops in between.
  • A limousine company will also then spell out for you any added charges, such as going past your expected rental time or if the limo needs special cleaning after your trip!
  • Some limousine companies might also add a gratuity to the driver and offer added services, such as decorating the limo for a wedding.

Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Limousine Rental!

Now that you know a little bit about how to choose the best car for your needs and what’s involved initially in a limo rental, note a few added tips for ensuring the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. You might also note a few suggestions for additional questions and topics to cover with the limousine company so you know nothing is overlooked.

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  • A limousine company might ask for ages of passengers as young children often require car seats. Not all companies provide or will accommodate these, especially for an limo versus an SUV or town car.
  • It’s also vital that a limousine company not provide alcohol to minors, which is another reason they need to ask the ages of all passengers! A driver might also ask for identification of any passenger he or she picks up who looks underage, if the car they’re providing is stocked with alcohol.
  • Never assume you can bring more passengers than listed on your agreement! A limousine company might be legally obligated to provide seat belts for all passengers and not allowed to accommodate more than a certain number of passengers in each vehicle. Obviously you don’t want the limousine driver to arrive on your doorstep and then tell you that someone needs to stay behind, so consider a party bus if needed to accommodate all your expected guests.
  • If you’re bringing luggage or gear with you, the limousine company might ask its overall size and weight, just to ensure there is sufficient room in the vehicle. Be sure to note any bulky or oversized items you might bring, or up-size your rental to an SUV or party bus if needed.
  • Never try to save money on a limo rental by underestimating how long your party or event will last. Your limousine driver won’t simply leave you at the event but charges for going over your allotted time might be higher than if you had reserved a certain number of hours on your original agreement.
  • If you’re headed to a wedding or other such even, ask the limousine company if they allow decorations on a car or if they will decorate the car for an added fee. In most cases, a customer is not allowed to hang streamers and other items on the car, to prevent damage and to ensure nothing interferes with the driver’s line of sight.

Which Is Better, a Limousine Rental or Party Bus?

When you hear the phrase “party bus,” you might immediately assume that all such buses are outfitted with flashing lights, a bar, a stereo, and the like. While many party buses do offer everything you need to get the party started even before you reach your venue, many are more subdued, offering a roomy and luxurious interior and not so much a party “vibe”!

A party bus is an excellent choice for accommodating groups too large to fit in a limousine. They’re also good for times when getting in and out of a limousine might be a challenge, such as when you’ll be wearing a wedding dress with many layers and a long train! Older guests or those who might struggle to get in and out of a car for any reason might also appreciate the ease of walking up the steps of a party bus versus a limousine or town car.

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Since a party bus allows you to stand up inside, it’s also a good choice for when you might need to address the group with whom you’re traveling. For example, if you and your coworkers are on the way to a trade show, you might want to go over certain notes with them, rehearse presentations, and the like.

While there are many advantages to a party bus versus a limo rental, note that the added size of a bus might be too much room for certain occasions! If it’s just a few of you heading out for a night on the town or to an important event, you might not need the added space of a party bus. A party bus might also seem a bit too casual for a romantic date night, wedding, and other such occasion.

Is a Limousine Rental Worth the Cost?

There are many reasons to invest in a limousine rental cost, not the least of which is your safety and that of your guests! If you know you’ll be drinking while out on the town, you don’t want to risk getting behind the wheel once the night is over. A limousine also ensures a safe ride for teenagers on their way to their prom or another event.

A limousine rental is also an excellent way to make a good impression on business associates and even family visiting from out of town! Arriving at a business meeting in a limousine will turn heads while sending a limo to pick up family or a business associate from the airport ensures their comfort while on the road. You also eliminate the worry of having to find an unfamiliar venue or deal with traffic to and from an event when you choose a limo rental.

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