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Top 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas In Boston

December 24, 2019

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If you know someone who is planning her big day, then it’s probably time to think about a bachelorette party for her and all your friends and family! A bachelorette party is a great way to celebrate your friend’s last few days of single life and to give her a break from all that stressful wedding planning. When planning a bachelorette party, remember to consider a Boston party bus rental for everyone, so you can stay together and stay safe while enjoying your plans.

While many of today’s bachelorette parties might include a trip to a local ladies club, there are other fun activities you might enjoy together in and around Boston. You don’t even need to plan your bachelorette party for the evening but can enjoy a great afternoon with “the girls” in a variety of ways. Consider 10 bachelorette party ideas in Boston that you might plan for your friends.

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1. Enjoy Some Golf at Granite Links

Granite Links offers a spectacular view of the Boston skyline, perfect for the girls who want to enjoy a round or just some time on the driving range. Golfing is a good way to get some exercise and burn calories before the big day, or get some fresh air and de-stress!

2. Try Beer Tasting at Harpoon Brewery

Why should men have all the fun when it comes to beer tasting? Be sure you rent a party bus in Boston MA stop for a stop at Harpoon Brewery, famous for their long wood benches and planned events for visitors. Harpoon is a great way to enjoy a sampling of their home brews and an afternoon with the girls.

3. Try a Bit of Asian Food at Empire

Not every restaurant in Boston offers chowder and seafood! Empire is known as the city’s best Asian fusion lounge and upscale restaurant, a perfect spot for your Boston part bus to park out front while you and the ladies have a great time sampling their signature dishes and drinks.

4. Have a Laugh at the Boston Comedy Club

Another great way to get away from the stress of wedding planning is to have a laugh at the Boston Comedy Club. Whether it’s local talent or a nationally known comedian, you and the group can kick back and enjoy your time together at this great venue.

5. Plan a Spa Day in Boston

A spa day is another great way to alleviate stress and ensure everyone looks their best for the upcoming wedding. With a Boston party bus at your disposal, you won’t lose that radiant look fighting traffic on your way home after being pampered at one of Boston’s many day spas and salons!

6. Try High Tea at Boston Public Library

If the bride-to-be and all your friends want to keep your bachelorette party classy and elegant, try high tea at the Boston Public Library. There you’ll enjoy a selection of the finest teas along with mimosas and pastries, and of course you can always check out a few books to enjoy as well!

7. Wine Night at Boston Winery

If you love wine, then wine night at Boston Winery is another great choice for your bachelorette party, and another reason to ensure you book a Boston party bus beforehand! Boston Winery offers everything from winemaking courses to a wine tasting, so book ahead and be ready to learn and experience everything related to your favorite vintage!

8. Arrange a Private Shopping Party at Crush Boutique

Crush Boutique is a favorite spot for many women, and this unique little venue offers private shopping parties that includes wine, a personal shopper, and many other perks you’re all sure to love!

9. Canoe the Charles River

Who says a bachelorette party needs to be indoors? If you want to enjoy the great outdoors for your party, consider a canoe or kayak rental along the Charles River! You can all get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air for your party while relaxing and enjoying the views.

10. Keep Your Bachelorette Party In Your Boston Party Bus!

For an amazing bachelorette party, why even leave your Boston party bus? Pick a few spots where you might get out for a quick bite and glass of wine; otherwise, have your driver take you on a tour of Boston landmarks and fun spots to see from the bus itself. You might also have your driver just stick to a route along the Charles River while you and your friends dance to music and otherwise enjoy yourselves from the safety and comfort of your Boston party bus rental!

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