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Why You Can’t Find a Boston Party Bus With a Pole!

December 24, 2019

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When you rent a party bus in Boston, you want to get that party started as soon as possible! For many passengers, that means having a dance pole for a bit of adventurous fun. Dance poles are a great way to add a bit of sex appeal to a dance routine, or a pole can be used by everyone just for fun.

While dance poles are a great option for many party buses in Boston, they’re not always a standard feature and you might find that some buses go without them. If you’re thinking of renting a party bus in Boston anytime soon, you might wonder why a dance pole is so difficult to find and if they’re the right choice for your party as well. To help you make a decision for your upcoming night on the town or fun afternoon with friends, check out a few reasons why not every party bus in Boston has poles and why you might rethink this option as well.

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Why You Can’t Find a Boston Party Bus With a Pole

The main reason that you typically cannot find a party bus in Boston with a pole is safety! Remember that a party bus is almost always moving while you’re in the back and can have lots of sudden stops and starts, throwing a person off balance somewhat easily. A person might then get knocked right into a dance pole in the middle of the bus floor if the driver needs to hits the brakes.

It’s also good to consider if you and your guests plan on drinking while out on the town with your bus rental. If so, being even slightly intoxicated can make you more unsteady on your feet, and make you overlook that dance pool altogether. An intoxicated person can walk into a lamppost in the middle of the sidewalk very easily; how much more dangerous is it for someone who’s been drinking to be on a moving bus with a pole in the middle of the floor!

A Boston Party Bus Is For More Than a Party!

Remember, too, that not everyone shopping for Boston party bus companies is planning a fun night on the town. For example, a party limo or bus rental is an excellent choice for keeping a family together when traveling to and from a birthday or anniversary party. Corporations might rent a party bus for groups traveling to and from professional events, for a casual and relaxed atmosphere that allows everyone to chat and mingle freely.

A bus is also a good idea for transporting a large wedding party to the event venue, when a standard limousine might be too small and cramped. In all of these scenarios, having a dance pole in the middle of a Boston party bus can then be more of a nuisance for passengers than a way to have fun while in the back of the bus!

Deciding If You Need a Boston Party Bus With a Pole

While you might assume that a Boston party bus just isn’t complete without a dance pole, give some careful thought as to this option. Note a few questions you might consider to help you decide on this option:

  • Would a pole be in the way of everyone chatting and mingling freely?
  • Would a pole seem too suggestive for a more conservative crowd?
  • If you’re planning on drinking while using the bus rental, will a dance pole become more of a hazard than an enjoyable feature on the bus?
  • Will the people who will be with you on the bus want to dance in the first place?

Consider these questions carefully before you decide that your party bus rental in Boston must have a pole, as you might be surprised to realize that it’s actually not necessary at all!

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Enjoying a Boston Party Bus Rental Without a Pole!

If you choose a Boston party bus without a pole, what might you do on the bus other than dance? To have fun without that dance pole, consider having music and encouraging everyone to sing along or even make up funny lyrics to a song while it’s playing.

You can also plan ahead by bringing a fun board game that everyone can play, such as Trivial Pursuit. To keep the game stress-free, forego the board and just have someone read out the questions so the entire group can offer answers freely! Get creative and search online for Boston party bus ideas and you’re sure to have a great time even without a dance pole!

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