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We pride ourselves on the fact that we have some of the most affordable luxury vehicles in the Boston area. Other companies might be cheaper, but they also have to skimp on quality to charge what they charge. Here at The Boston Party Bus, we’re constantly investing and reinvesting in our fleet, either through maintenance and customization or by buying new vehicles to expand our offering.

We’re also not a one-size fits all company, which means that we tailor our offering to suit the customer. Different vehicles have different capacities and cost different amounts. That’s why we usually ask people to request a quote in the first instance to get an idea for what they’re likely to pay in the long run.

Still, we also think it’s important for you to have a rough idea of how much you’ll need to budget. That’s why we’re sharing some of our base prices below, but please remember that these aren’t set in stone and that they’re only an indication of what we’re likely to charge for specific jobs.

How much is a party bus?

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Remember that there’s no such thing as a typical job for us and so we like to get to know every single customer and their needs before we quote them. We have a full fleet of vehicles of different shapes and sizes from eight-seater limousines to 32-seater party busses, and each vehicle includes different features for different situations.

So whether it’s for a wedding, a prom or a corporate event, we can help you out. Just get in touch to let us know a little more about your needs so we can give you a good idea of how much you’re likely to need to budget.

Now for the boring (but necessary) stuff. Due to the nature of our business here at The Boston Party Bus, we require a minimum of seven business days’ of notice before we pick you up, and late cancellations will be subject to the full charge of the trip including all tolls and parking fees. And of course, if you’ve booked a round trip then you’ll need to cancel each leg of the trip separately.

But don’t let that put you off. Our terms are pretty much standard for the industry and we have no desire to rip you off or to make you pay something that you don’t need to pay. We may be lenient at our own discretion — but it’s better for both of us if you keep us updated if you no longer need to ride with us.

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